"Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Byron, and a baby girl called Lulu...they were both very happy, very well mannered, and everyone wanted to be around them. They grew up to love beautiful things, beautiful people, elegance and music...Lulu was playing the piano, and Byron was listening to the magic of her notes...The fireplace is on, warm tea, cookies and cake on the table. They were confidently dreaming together until the clock had spoken...".

Old is new again, classic is now modern...Little Byron Baby Lulu aims to bring the best and highest quality fashion to babies and children. We work with some historical brands as well some newer brands...all designed having in mind the comfort, well being, and elegance of the little ones. We are passionate about discovering brands that blend the classic style with contemporary details. In our store you will find prestigious brands such as Victoria, Sunuva, Mini Rodini, A Simple Hug, Petit Nord, Softheads, TOMS, Album di Famiglia, Dolly by Le Petit Tom, Liabel, Collegien and more. We are proud of our exclusive collections and collaborations that makes us different from the rest. We work with brands that are not easily found in the obvious places.

If you are after traditional wear, functional clothing, great shoes, amazing ballet dresses, petitskirts for the little princesses, smart basics, or luxury gifts, this is your place! Both you and the little ones will love! This is our trip, this is our adventure. This is for the kids that smile and laugh, love ice-cream and cakes, cry and scream, want to grow up but still be young. And this is only the beginning...Hope you join us to discover a new dimension in elegance for the little ones.

We stock sizes 0-14 years old. All the products in this store are tried, tested, and worn by our team and kids.

About our logo: A dog is the emblem of faithfulness and guardianship. Dogs are considered loyal and temperate. They are symbols of courage, vigilance and loyal fidelity...a best friend!