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Softheads - Spain, 2011

Softheads is a project which treads the boundaries between art and design. It was initiated by the visual artist Sergio Roger between Berlin and Barcelona in 2011. The idea consists of creating objects which put a pacifistic and humorous spin on the once fashionable practice of displaying taxidermic hunting trophies. All pieces are textile-based, soft, hand-made and locally produced.

This project was inspired by a sculptural series produced by Sergio Roger in 2004 which was exhibited in various international galleries. It has been attempted to introduce the idea to the industry of design and handicraft. A part from new seasonal collections and models, Softheads offers custom-bult projects in all areas of interior design while collaborating with other brands, designers and artists.

Soft Deer - Ash

from €105.00

Soft Deer - Denim

from €105.00

Soft Deer - Leven

from €105.00

Soft Deer - Maree

from €115.00

Soft Deer - Ness

from €105.00

Soft Deer - Sailor Grey

from €105.00
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