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Hand Made Versaillinas 'Un pie en Versailles' - Spain

A time machine, shoe makers from the past, a boutique from another era. These beautiful shoes are not manufactured in a factory, but instead are handmade in a workshop. One by one, gently, efficiently, with tenderness and care, often customized to order, and well made in Spain. Comme il faut. Although it may seem unbelievable, in their shop in Madrid, it smells like leather, glue, parquet, of Paris, of candle wax, of macarons, of a story, of whims, and of miracles... don't you think is a miracle to be able to play with 110 different colours and 4 different kinds of leather? Matte and glossy versaillinas in different sizes, all at the feet of the Marie-Antoinettes from this century. We are very proud to be the first international customer to work with these amazing shoes, so difficult to find!

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