Dolly Shoes are here!!!

Always loved those little Doll shoes you used to have for your Doll? DOLLY by Le Petit Tom ® has designed those perfect shoes for your baby and girl with that DOLLY look we all crave. All exclusive and handmade in Italy, crafted from the softest leathers, suedes, velvets and other luxury fabrics. Vintage, classic yet fashion forward styles like Mary Janes in gold leather, or glitter red for instant Dolly looks. Inspired by old movies like ‘The Red Shoes’, Dolly has made you Ballerina's with satin ribbons to tie around the ankle like a real ballerina in many leather colors. In luxurious velvet flats in navy blue, lined with platino gold, straight of the catwalk into your little girls wardrobe. Designed by Le Petit Tom®.

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