Dolly by Le Petit Tom

Everyone loves Dolly! We do, too! Dolly by Le Petit Tom ®is a pret a porter collection designed by Anne-Marie van Dijk from The Netherlands. Inspired by her 5 children, style icons, classic movies, ballet, design, fashion and more personal likes of the Dolly designer, this collection was created. Stylish, colorful, playful, classic and theatrical skirts, also known as our 'DOLLY skirts', ballet dresses and accessories for Dolly girls who want to wear these everyday anyway! These are the new basics in a girls wardrobe. From petticoats in the most wanted colors to classical tutu's and ballet dresses, like you see them on stage, a Dolly is truly one to treasure and keepsake for years... A Dolly makes a well loved gift to give and to receive.

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