Le Collegien

Le Collegien is the first brand that has arrived to our showroom. Soft like socks, comfortable like slippers, Collegien pampers your little ones feet. These slippers-socks have been revived by modern patterns and bright colors, and have become a trendy home wear accessory. All collections are the result of research, combining innovation and fashion with a team of designers at Collegien's own workshops. The brand was founded in 1947 by the Guille family. All the products are manufactured in the original factory located in Briatexte, a small village in Tarn, South of France. Washable and made of quality materials such as cushioned cotton, terry cotton, and cashmere, they perfectly fit children’s feet for an optimum comfort. More than a sound design and a perfect quality, the PVC sole is ergonomic, airy and nonslip.

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